Fallout 4 Bugfix – Unenterable Power Armour

Fallout 4 Vault Art

I encountered this bug after telling Preston to enter some Power Armour I found and then sending him home to the Castle. The Power Armour I had given him was standing around, unenterable and taking up space that I planned to use for defences, housing and storage.

There are two ways to fix this bug.

The first fix: This fix has varied results depending on the location of the Power Armour and if it is clipping with anything.

  1. Save your game.
  2. Exit to the desktop (or console dashboard/media bar).
  3. Start the game up.
  4. Load the save.

This should make the armour enterable. If this fails to work try the second fix below.

The second fix: This is a little more complex and only accomplish-able on PC.

There are 3 steps to this method as seen in the below screenshots. (Click to enlarge)

Step 1. Face the Power Armour

Power Statue

Step 2. Enter the command console using your ~ or ‘ key (this will vary from region to region).
Click on the power armour and note it’s reference ID shown in the centre of the console view.

Console Commands

Step 3. Enter the command ‘player.moveto Reference_ID (do not include the ” or the [PP])”
Hit enter, if you receive any of the errors shown above you have probably made a typo.
The game will teleport you inside the power armour object, wait a few second and you should be given control of the armour.

Go go Power Armour!

(Optional) Step 4. Depending on whether or not the Power Armour contained a Fusion core you may receive the above messages and warnings, simply exit the armour and give it a fusion core.

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