Doom Bugfix – 0xC0000005 (Access Violation)

0xC0000005 (Access Violation) when using Vulkan API:

Fix 1:

I had this error when attempting to launch the game using the Vulkan API.

My fix was to launch the game using the following launch parameters to reset the API to OpenGL and allow for more graphics settings to be available for use.

Set your launch parameters to “+r_renderAPI 0 +menu_advanced_AllowAllSettings 1”, this will reset the API to OpenGL and allow you use of all graphics settings.

Launch the game and enter the settings menu, from here you will want to set your API to Vulkan and your Virtual Texturing Page Size to an appropriate value for your available VRAM. I use “Nightmare” due to my R9 390’s 8GB however I am not sure what to recommend for other cards.

Close the game and remove the launch parameters.

This should resolve the issue if the problem was over-stressed video memory.

Fix 2:

This was ultimately the fix that resolved everything for me.

Disable Xbox Game DVR.

Disable Steam Game Overlay.

Either uninstall Raptr client / GeForce Experience / Other Recording overlays or disable their recording functionality that runs in the background temporarily while playing.

If these do not work post your crash log below and I will investigate to the best of my ability.


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