The Elder Scrolls VI Wishlist – Difficulty, Gameplay, Fallout 4

Alternative forms of transport.

Mounts in fantasy games have always been a status symbol as well as a tool for transportation, in Morrowind there were no mounts and if the player wanted to get somewhere fast they had to pay a fare to take the bus. This feature was missing in Oblivion, however the game did introduce a fast travel menu and horses. With horses the player could travel the game’s terrain faster than on foot and reach their destination faster. Skyrim continued this trend but brought back bus travel in the form of horse wagons allowing the player to pay a fare to travel from one city to another.

Depending on the location that the next game is set I would like to see a larger variety of mounts with more options than just horses. Different breeds of horse should have different benefits, some may be faster than other and some may have more health. Customising your horse should also be an option including equipping it with saddle bags, armour, different shoes, etc. Just as character armour has different stats depending on it’s type, slot and which set it belongs to the same should apply to horse equipment.

Equipping your horse with larger saddle bags should increase it’s maximum carry weight, armour should reduce the amount of damage your horse takes and shoes should increase your horses speed. Enchanting your horse’s equipment would allow you to increase your horse’s damage resistance, allow it to walk on water, jump higher, etc.

I mentioned mounts that aren’t horses above and this would of course vary based on the game’s setting. If the game were to have a jungle setting there could be large cats as mounts, for a desert there could be giant scorpions or camels. An end game reward for the player could be access to a flying mount perhaps a dragon or a gryphon depending on whether or not dragons will exist in the game of course. I would also like to see horse carriages as a player drivable vehicle with a storage space allowing me to transport large quantities of resources, treasure and goods.

When I play any Bethesda RPG I don’t like to use fast travel, I prefer to travel using whichever in game transport is available such as the vertibird in Fallout 4 or horses and carriages in Skyrim. I would like to see more options for contextual fast travel in the next instalment, traveling by carriage, boat or even teleportation. In Red Dead Redemption the player had the option to watch their journey take place when travelling by carriage or skip it and allow time to pass while the game loads the area they are traveling to. I would like to watch the carriage travel across the wilderness and exit at any point along the way.

Morrowind allowed players to created enchantments and spells that allowed the player to fly and move at very high speeds, I would like to see this return in The Elder Scrolls VI as an alternative form of travel for players that focus on magic as their main way of progressing through the game.

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