The Elder Scrolls VI Wishlist – Difficulty, Gameplay, Fallout 4

More weapons and armour options.

Skyrim was praised for introduced dual wielding for one handed weapons to the series and with the Dawnguard expansion crossbows made their return to Tamriel. During an in-studio game jam style modding contest (video below) at Bethesda spears were shown as a prototype weapon that the player can use although this never made it into the game. Morrowind had thrown weapons such as knives, stars and darts. There are a lot of medieval and steampunk styled weapons that could be brought into the series for use by many different types of character.

Fallout 4 assigned thrown explosives to a hotkey allowing the player to throw grenades, mines and molotov cocktails without having to switch to them as a weapon. Ideally thrown weapons would be implemented in the same way so that the gameplay pacing isn’t interrupted. Thrown weapons should vary between light and heavy, similar to melee weapons with light thrown weapons doing less damage but making less noise and being faster to throw and heavy thrown weapons doing more damage, making more noise and taking longer to hit their target. Light thrown weapons should vary from knives, stars and darts and heavy throw weapons should include axes, javelins and perhaps some kind of alchemical bombs.

Above I mentioned that the developers experimented with spears at some point, I would like to see them implemented as a fast one-handed and two-handed hybrid weapon type. Allowing the player to use it with a shield or with both hands grasping it for more reach and damage but with less defensive potential.

Fallout: New Vegas allowed the player to apply modifications to their weapons, increasing their stats and adding new functionality, Skyrim allowed the player to sharpen their sword at a grindstone and fit their armour at a workbench. Fallout 4 combined both of these ideas into a full blown weapon and armour modification system that took advantage of the resources and crafting system. I would like to see a continuation of this system in Skyrim as an alternative or supplement to enchanting.

Armour modifications would allow the player to fine tune the appearance and functionality of their armour to suit their play style, this will also provide an incentive for gathering crafting materials and investing into their settlements and homes. Weapon modifications such as new hilts, sharper blades, serrations and blade length would make it possible for the player to personalise the weapons that they use to their play style.

Since the playable world of The Elder Scrolls has not suffered an apocalypse (yet) there is no reason that the player can’t create these weapons and armours from raw materials on their own. Skyrim had blacksmithing as a skill and it would be great if the functionality of that character skill was merged with the functionality of Fallout 4’s weapon and armour modification system.

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