The Elder Scrolls VI Wishlist – Difficulty, Gameplay, Fallout 4

Survival mode.

Fallout: New Vegas launched with a hardcore difficulty setting, this setting made the game more difficult through many different tweaks and changes. Ammunition would now have a weight value, the player had to eat and drink to stay alive, sleep was required or the player would become increasingly fatigued and eventually succumb to the sweet restful embrace of death. The player’s companions could die in combat as well.

Fallout 4 implemented it’s take on this difficulty setting through a patch, this difficulty setting is called survival mode. It is very similar to the hardcore difficulty of New Vegas but goes a but further with it’s attempts to make the game’s setting more authentic. Companions don’t die in this setting though, they will retreat to a settlement or their home if the player neglects to revive them after they have been knocked down in combat. A new feature in this difficulty setting is disease, the player can become infected with diseases and infections requiring medicines such as antibiotics. Radiation treatment will also make the player more susceptible to disease for a duration of time due to it’s effects on the immune system.

I believe that the Survival difficulty of Fallout 4 would work perfectly if used in an Elder Scrolls game however radiation will need to be removed or replaced with something else. With the replacement or removal of radiation the survival difficulty should have no issues finding it’s home in the Elder Scrolls series.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving the gameplay formula of Bethesda RPGs in The Elder Scrolls VI please comment with them below.

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