Site Update for November 2016

Site Update November

There have been a lot of changes to the site recently, this post is intended to explain why some changes have been made and I will be giving an update on the progress of some reviews and other content that is planned.

Let’s get started with the changes made to the site design. I have decided to change the design of the site again to accommodate features that I have been wanting to implement for a while, features such as the new post slider on the front page, easier to browse category and tag pages, less memory intensive pages and a thumbnail resolution standard that stops some posts from looking out of place. I am open to suggestions for new changes to the site design if this new one isn’t to your liking so please comment below with any suggestions you may have.

Speaking of comments I have also decided to switch back to using the standard WordPress comments system instead of Disqus. This has nothing to do with Disqus as a service, this is due to optimizing memory usage and further optimisation of the site. There is the possibility of switching back to Disqus as a service in the future if there is ever a need to do so. Perhaps to deal with high traffic or if spam gets out of control but for now these issues are not of any concern.

You may have noticed on the Upcoming Posts page that I have listed a lot of games for review and a lot of them have come from the Review Poll. I still plan on reviewing these games, most of them are very long games and that is the main reason why they haven’t been done yet. I also plan on doing more spontaneous reviews in the future. What this means is that from now on I may decide to review a game that I have been playing that I haven’t promised to review. For example I am currently playing through Dishonored again and I am feeling a strong urge to write about it. In the future if I get a similar urge I will most likely review that game too.

Recently I came across a cool web app that searches through your Steam Library and picks a game at random, I have been using it occasionally to find smaller games to play when I am taking a break from longer games. I may use this tool in the future to determine games for review as well but this is just a silly idea at this stage and I probably wont follow through with it.

Recently I have been watching a lot of movies and have come to the realization that I could be reviewing them too. So in the future you may find movie reviews being posted on here as well. I have been considering reviewing the Warcraft movie since it has been my favourite movie this year so far.

The Christmas period is approaching and that means bundles, discounts and sales! I may make a few recommended pick up lists based on the daily offerings of the GOG, Origin, Steam, etc storefronts.

You may have noticed the header image features art from Dishonored, New Vegas and Skyrim. This is because these are the three games I am currently playing. I plan on reviewing Dishonored once I have finished it and it’s DLC, I also plan on reviewing the New Vegas DLC and the Skyrim Special Edition. The New Vegas DLC review will not be a single review for all the DLC, I have decided to review them individually since each DLC has a different theme and gameplay style.

I hope to have more review content available soon. Thank you for reading.


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  1. I’m glad disqus is gone, it always asked me to log in even though I chose to comment as guest.

    Looking forward to the dishonoured review.

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