Site Update for June 2017 – Mods, News and Reviews

Site Update June 2017

It’s been a while since the last site update and there has been some new content so let’s break down what the content is, and what it means going forward. I’ll start with the Witcher 3 reviews and then discuss how I plan to cover news. There will also be a little bit on discussing video game modifications and other projects. I will also discuss the results of some recent polls.

The Witcher 3 review took me a lot longer to write than it should have and there are many contributing reasons for this. The main reason is that I was struggling to come up with what I deemed to be a viable format for video game reviews. I had a look at the formats and styles of reviews on sites that I frequent for review content and took inspiration from their formats and some of the writing styles present. I believe that the format I ended up with for the Witcher 3 review is pretty solid and this will be the format that I use going forward.

Now that I have a workable review format I plan on getting more game reviews written and published. Look forward to more in the future and hopefully with less time in-between them.

You may have noticed if you have been on the site in the last few days that I have made two news posts about DRM free releases on I have been considering for a while what kind of gaming news I should cover and give my opinions on and came to the conclusion that any news that holds my interest should be good enough. I hold the belief that DRM free software is a consumer rights issue and as such I will support video game releases that are available DRM free. In the case of the Fallout 3, New Vegas and Oblivion release I was taken by surprise, I was shocked to see not only some of my favourite AAA games of all time DRM free but for the first time a version of Fallout 3 that can be purchased where the Games for Windows Live DRM is completely absent. This is what inspired me to write the post.

I also covered the release of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on GOG as that was also sudden and unexpected. I loved this game when I played it on the PS3 and the initial release on Steam and so I thought that I should give it’s DRM free release some attention as well.

The articles that I have written about DRM free releases aren’t as informative as I would have liked, this is a new format of content that I hope to improve on as time goes by and (hopefully) a lot more games get DRM free releases.

On the 19th of May I published a mod for Fallout 4 that allows the player to craft ammunition, I decided to create a new postings category for video game mods and replace the old static page that had to be updated manually. Any kind of video game mod or similar project I release in the future will likely follow this format. These will not be visible on the main page highlighted categories however they will be visible on the new content slider on the main page and under the “Other Content” menu.

The March 2017 poll asked “Would you like to see book reviews?” and the most popular answer was Yes with four votes, No had two. What does this mean? Well it looks like if at some point in the future I read a book interesting enough to warrant a review I may publish it here. The likelihood of this just now though is slim due to the books I am currently in the middle of reading aren’t relatable to the themes or content I would associate with this website.

The April 2017 poll asked “Should reviews be tagged by the platforms the game is available on or just the platform it was reviewed on?” with the answers being five for available platforms and two for the reviewed platform. This is a pretty straightforward result, all reviews will continue to follow the tag system I was using of tagging all available platforms.

The May 2017 poll asked “Should game reviews be tagged with their theme? Examples: Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, Crime”. The result was a tie with two votes for yes and two votes for no. I will not be implementing this.

Thank you for your time and any feedback.

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