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October Update

For this month’s site update I will be talking about the recent content that has been on here, the content you can expect in the future and a few changes I have in mind for formats and other related subjects. The subjects I look to cover in this month’s update are: mods and modding, guides and walkthroughs, game design, reviews, what I am playing, videos and upcoming content.


Modding is an important part of PC gaming, it has recently been (officially) introduced to consoles too via Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Editions. I plan on discussing modding more often in the future as well as reviewing mods.

I plan to do an article soon that explains my “modding philosophy” as it related to different games. This means I will be covering what kind of mods I use for different games, why I use them, whether they conflict with the developers intentions for a given part of a game and other things. I will also cover immersion mods that change the feel of the game but keep the mechanics and systems underneath untouched.

As well as reviewing mods, I also plan to make guides on how to install mods and manage them. There are a lot of guides out there that do this already but some of them are incomplete, some haven’t been updated in a while and others are too vague. I mentioned above that there is a philosophy to the mods that I choose to install, these guides will mostly revolve around mods that fit this philosophy.

News and Industry Discussion:

Recently I published an article that compiled all the information I could find from multiple sources regarding Star Wars: Empire at War’s recent patches. I plan to make more news content about these kind of happenings in the games industry as well as continuing to cover surprising DRM-Free releases of high-profile games.

There will also be more critiques of the business practices of game developers and publishers similar to my critique of Bethesda’s Creation Club.

Guides and Walkthroughs:

The guides that have been published so far have been made as a result of my personal experience with the games they related to being affected by the issues that the guides try to resolve. This is what determines if a guide will be made as I know what it’s like to look for a fix online and not being able to find anything.

The Grapeshot bomb bug fixing guide for The Witcher 3 was made by me discovering the bug and being unable to find a solution online so I troubleshooted and experimented until I found a solution on my own. I then refined the method until I found the most efficient means of fixing the problem. This method was then written into a guide format and published.

There was also a video that accompanied this guide although it had nothing in terms of editing or commentary which made the guide quite unclear on what to do if you were to watch it without having the written guide as well.

I plan to remedy this with future video content which I will go into in-depth in the Video section below.

There will be more guides in the future, covering lots of different tasks that you may find interesting. These will include more bug fixes, modding, installation of mods and how to beat parts of games. I plan on starting with New Vegas modding and setting up tools for doing so.

This kind of content isn’t something that I plan on doing in advance so there is no schedule for them.

Game Design:

I plan on talking about game design more often, separately from reviews. Talking about specific parts of games, the implementation of game mechanics and systems, the importance of immersion and improvements that can be made in future games or via patches.

The first game I plan on doing this kind of content for is Fallout: New Vegas, which is one of my favourite games. Although I have played an awful lot of it, I am still discovering little things that I have missed in previous playthroughs. This kind of content will not be exclusive to New Vegas but it is very likely that a sizable portion of it will at first resolve around this game and other games published by Bethesda. This is due to these games being among some of the most enjoyable games I have played.


I recently published a review of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune a game that didn’t interest me that much. Considering that I didn’t enjoy the game very much the feedback that I have received on the content of the review itself has been overwhelmingly positive. I believe that the format I used in this review and previously for my review of The Witcher 3 is close enough to the kind of format that I want to use going forward. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t improvements to be made however.

I don’t plan on announcing in advance every game I will be reviewing. I find it easier to critique a game if there is no pressure to have it done within a time frame. There will be games that don’t follow this rule, it is merely a guideline for larger games that require a lot of time invested to finish.

What I am playing:

I am currently playing Divinity: Original Sin to prepare for the recently released sequel as well as Fallout: New Vegas. I have also bought Cuphead, a game I have been looking forward to since I first saw it’s E3 2015 trailer.

Another playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas is helpful for writing about the parts of its game design that I find interesting as I mentioned above. This new playthrough is also a good way to start writing guides on modding the game, although I plan on playing a vanilla playthrough myself.

My playthrough of Divinity: Original Sin to prepare for the sequel may result in some content on here too since there are interesting parts of this game’s design that I don’t think have been spoken about as much as they should.

I have been avoiding Cuphead spoilers like the plague so I don’t have much to say about it other than I can’t wait to play it.

Apart from these three games I also plan to finish the Uncharted series at some point as well. I didn’t enjoy the first very much but I have been convinced by friends that the sequel improves on the first significantly.


For a while I have been considering making video content to go alongside my written content. I’ve done some research on the equipment and software I will need and I will be picking them up to start experimenting with them. I will need a format so that videos don’t become a rambling mess, this is something that I have started to work on. The only way to determiner if these work is to make drafts in this format and review them. As well as creating a format for videos I will need to come up with a way of implementing them alongside other content on this site so that they don’t look out of place.

Future guides should be accompanied by a video as well, although it is likely that for a while these guides will not have an accompanying video until I have the equipment and software required.

Ideally all content would be accompanied by a video, this is something that I hope to work towards. Some content will be suited to videos more than others such as looking into game design, quests and lore. This means that other content such as news may be nothing more than a video reading.

This months poll is about let’s plays and whether you would like to see them, I have provided an option for text-based and video-based. Text based would be a translation of forum based text let’s plays to a blog. Video based would follow the style of my favourite Let’s Players, which is something that I plan on writing about soon. There is also the option of voting against Let’s Plays altogether.

Once video content starts to appear I will publish an article with a lot more details.

Thank you for your time and any feedback.

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