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Manufacturer: X-Gamer
Platform: Drink
Notes: I am not a medical professional, I have no idea what this stuff does to the human body.

I always found the idea of gaming branded food and drink silly so when I saw a gaming branded powdered energy drink that claims to help with gaming performance I was skeptical. But I thought I would give them a go anyway and see what the fuss is about.

The premise of the drinks is pretty straight forward, fill a shaker bottle or any bottle really with water and add the powder and give it a good ol’ shake. Just like a protein shake but more embarrassing.

I bought a taster pack which contains one sachet of each flavour: Bluenitro, Nightshade, Nukefusion, Powacrush and Zomberry. I will review each flavor separately for taste and then I will review the product line in general as a gaming aid. Assuming of course that it can function as such. Because caffeine is sorta dangerous I decided to try one drink per day just to be safe, this also means I can try the drink in different states of tiredness and concentration.

The first flavour that I tried was Bluenitro, as the name might suggest it is a blueberry flavoured powder. When mixed with water and shaken to the correct consistency the drink tastes just like I expected. Somewhere between Poweraid and a blueberry slushy. The drink is a lot sweeter than I had imagined it would be but in a good way, it’s not too overpowering and there isn’t any kind of powerful and long-lasting after taste like I had expected from a powdered drink. Bluenitro is sweet and tasty but it also comes with a common downside of mainstream energy drinks: a feeling of dry mouth.

The following day I decided to try my luck with Zomberry, the name is a bit more vague than Bluenitro which led me to believe that it would be raspberry flavoured. Instead I found it to be a sour strawberry flavour. I didn’t enjoy this flavour or it’s aftertaste since I’m not a fan of strawberry flavoured drinks. Unlike Bluenitro however this flavour didn’t leave my mouth feeling dry which was surprising as I had assumed that the dryness of Bluenitro was due to the “energy” related ingredients. It did however have a horrible aftertaste that required me to use mouthwash to remove.

Powacrush was the next flavour that I tried, this one was a lot more enjoyable than the previous two. This is a pineapple flavoured version of the drink, surprisingly it isn’t too sweet either which was surprising but welcome. Unlike the previous Zomberry mix I found Powacrush to be the perfect strength for its taste. This one also didn’t leave an aftertaste or make my mouth feel dry which makes it preferable over the other two.

Nightshade impressed me from the first sip with its grape flavour and fruity aftertaste. The taste was slight at first, probably because I wasn’t sure what it tasted like at first. As I worked my way through the shaker bottle it started to be more pronounced and I started to recognize the grape flavour. As well as it’s fruity flavour, it changed the colour of the water it was mixed in to a dark purple which gave the impression that the drink was going to be an interesting experience. Of all the flavours I tried this is the only one where I wanted more of it after finishing it.

Finally I got to Nukefusion, a lemon and lime sherbet flavoured version of the drink. This version didn’t leave much of a strong aftertaste but there was a little of it there. Which is welcome since I’m not a fan of a strong citrus aftertaste. The colouring of this one made it look like a standard fruity sports drink like Lucozade sport but like the rest it kept the consistency and freshness of a bottle of water. I would recommend this one as an intermediary if you were drinking a lot of these.

Each flavour contains the same mix of caffeine and those other energy drink chemicals that no one can pronounce so there should be no difference in how it affects your performance, etc between flavours. The results were pretty consistent between all five times I tried the drink, I felt more awake for a few hours, I didn’t get the “crash” you get with sugary energy drinks either. This is the most interesting part for me since the crash ruins the whole experience of other energy drinks and makes them pretty pointless. Not having to deal with that is great. Due to the drinks being mixed with water you can also pretend you are being healthy to your friends.

After trying each flavour I have a good idea of what I liked about the product itself and the flavours that are available. My favourite of the bunch is definitely the Nightshade mix with its fresh and fruity taste followed closely by the palate cleansing Nukefusion. My least favourite was Zomberry due to it’s unwelcoming sour taste and it’s lingering aftertaste. I’m not too sure how caffeine is supposed to affect the human body but I definitely felt more awake after drinking these, I’m not too sure if I felt more alert or if I just didn’t notice.

If you are a fan of energy drinks but want to cut down on your sugar intake then I would definitely recommend these. I wouldn’t recommend using the shots for anything other than trying a flavour out due to their cost compared to a standard energy drink. I would recommend buying the taster pack and finding your favourite then maybe buy a tub of it as you need it. This way you get the shaker bottle and one of each flavour to try out.

Rating: X-Thirst Quenching

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