Take-Two Announces Private Division, A Publisher For Triple-I Video Games

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Take-Two has announced the creation of their new video games publishing company Private Division.

Private Division are a publisher dedicated to publishing games with a development size somewhere between indie and Triple-A. Similar to companies like Devolver Digital or Paradox Interactive but on a larger scale and bigger budgets.

Take-Two is the third largest video game publishing company in the world and is the owner of the video game publishers Rockstar Games and 2K Games.

This year in May, Take-Two acquired the cartoon rocket science simulator Kerbal Space Program from Squad. With the announcement of this new publisher it has been confirmed that the game and it’s upcoming expansion packs and console releases will be published under Private Division.

The company has also announced that it will be publishing Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Panache Digital Games, an unannounced RPG project codenamed Project Wight from The Outsiders, an unannounced RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and an unannounced science-fiction first-person shooter from V1 Interactive.

This is good news for fans of both Obsidian RPGs and Bungie style shooters. The unannounced RPG from Obsidian is being led by Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, the co-creators of Arcanum and the Fallout series. V1 Interactive was founded by Marcus Lehto, one of the co-creators of the Halo series.

Neither of these games will be released soon however:

With the exception of the Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion that is slated for release in the winter of 2018, there are no titles from Private Division currently planned for release during Take-Two’s fiscal years ending March 31, 2018 and 2019.

Obsidian has also confirmed via their forums that this new game will not have micro-transactions or lootboxes:

We’re extremely excited about our upcoming RPG, and we know you are too. We wish we could tell you all about it right now… but we’re going to hold off until the time is right. What we did want to talk about was a question a lot of you have been raising: “Will this upcoming game feature any lootboxes or other microtransactions?”

The answer is simply: “no.” No microtransactions, of any kind, in our game.

Which is great to hear but not surprising as the style of game that they are known for wouldn’t work with that kind of business model.

The announcement of these new projects has piqued my interest (especially the idea of another RPG from Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky) and I am eagerly awaiting more news about their development.


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