Bethesda Soundtracks Now Available On Steam.

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Almost as if they were aware this was something I wanted, Bethesda has started publishing the soundtracks to their games on Steam.

The games that currently have their soundtracks available are:

Previously if you wanted to acquire these soundtracks you would have had to purchase them via iTunes and similar digital music shops.

Releasing them on Steam is good news for gamers that are interested in getting the soundtracks to these games but are apprehensive about creating another account for another store, giving their data to corporations like Apple or Google, having their music delivered in a format they don’t want or would just rather have them on Steam.

The prices and tracklists for the Steam versions are the same as their iTunes counterparts which means they are likely to be the same in all the ways that matter. (The prices are the same in USD, in GBP they are cheaper on Steam.)

All of the above were made available on the 21st of June with the exception of Oblivion’s soundtrack which was made available today (22nd of June) which suggests that other Bethesda soundtracks will be made available soon.

Looking at the soundtracks that are available for purchase from iTunes but have not shown up on Steam yet suggests that we are likely to see the soundtracks for Doom (2016), Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls: Online (and it’s expansions), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and all the others that are available there.

Doom is about to get a physical release for it’s outstanding soundtrack in July so there is every chance that a Steam release of this soundtrack will be delayed until then for the sake of synchronous releases.

Worth noting is that the soundtrack for Fallout 3 is only available to people that own the standard Fallout 3 entry on Steam and not the more reasonably priced Game of the Year edition. The reason for this is that the standard version of the game is considered a separate game from the GOTY edition and the soundtrack is considered a DLC for the game. Hopefully a resolution to this problem will be made soon.

When more soundtracks are released I will update this article to maintain accuracy, unless they release after an unreasonable amount of time to do so. In which case I will update via a new article.

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