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Game Arts E3 2018

Another year, another E3. This year’s conference is one of the more interesting in recent memory at least in terms of the quantity of what was shown.

This year’s E3 was on while I was on holiday so I missed most of the live reveals but this worked out better for me since watching the conference recordings was more stable than the live broadcasts.

I have watched every press conference from start to finish now and these are the games that caught my eye:

Metro ExodusShown at the Microsoft conference.

The third entry in the first person shooter series, set after the events of Last Light and featuring new factions, new environments and new ways to play the game.

The game has introduces many new and interesting features including a Crysis style realtime weapon modification system, open ended levels, a day / night cycle and more improvements to the game’s immersion focussed hudless design.

This game caught my eye because it finally showed some real gameplay. I loved the first two games for their immersive gameplay systems, atmospheric levels and world, excellent stealth gameplay and intense life or death gunfights. This game looks like it will be improving on the series formula without making compromises.

Dying Light 2Shown at the Microsoft conference.

A sequel to 2015’s excellent zombie survival parkour game Dying Light. The game is set in “the modern dark ages” which is around 15 years after the first game.

The game is set in a new location and features an evolving world that changes based on choices made by the player. Player choices will affect both the world map and the story.

This game caught my eye when Chris Avellone walked on the stage to the announcement that he would be the narrative designer for the game. Chris has been involved in many of my favourite games and has written a lot of my favourite characters. As well as having one of my favourite writers involved in the game I am also eager to play another Techland game as they have a reputation for releasing polished products and solid video games.

Cyberpunk 2077Shown at the Microsoft conference.

Finally having something to show, CD Projekt Red dropped a trailer for their new game Cyberpunk 2077. No gameplay was shown in the trailer and no information on the game was given at the show.

Some information about the game has been released after certain press outlets were given access to a private screening of the game. All the details given are purely second-hand however as no one outside of the company has been given a chance to play the game, instead having to watch a representative of CDPR play the game in a controlled environment. The game has been confirmed to be a first person RPG, the player can create their own character and the game is open ended in how you approach your goals.

This game caught my eye because all of CD Projekt Red’s games so far have impressed me, with The Witcher 3 being one of my favourite games of all time. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this game.

Rage 2Shown at the Bethesda conference.

A game that would have been unexpected to see considering the first game didn’t seem to do too well and we hadn’t heard anything about in a long time. The game was accidentally leaked by Walmart Canada before E3 which caused Bethesda to release some marketing materials early to confirm what had already been “confirmed”.

The game is a sequel to the original, featuring improved breakneck vehicle combat, a massive open world and combat that more closely resembles 2016’s DOOM than the original Rage as well as the introduction of techno-magical abilities. Rage 2 is being developed by Avalanche Studios of Just Cause and Mad Max fame, given their open world mayhem-em-up development experience it seems like a perfect match for a game like Rage 2.

This game caught my eye because I really enjoyed the original Rage and thought the franchise was dead on arrival due to the game’s launch issues, poor pacing and seemingly generic story and gameplay for the time. The franchise getting a second chance is great to see because it has a lot of potential.

Fallout 76Shown at both the Bethesda and Microsoft conferences.

Fallout 76 is a chronological prequel to the entire franchise set in West Virginia, being developed by Bethesda Game Studios Austin (previously BattleCry Studios). This an online multiplayer take on the Bethesda Fallout formula with every human encounter in the game being a real human being. The game is not an MMO, the developers have stated that the game’s servers are limited to a small number of players.

The game features base building similar to Fallout 4, with part of the plot of the game being that you are a Vault Dweller from a control Vault (a Vault that functions as advertised) that has been sent out into the world 25 years after the bombs fell to rebuild America. Quests and missions will be handled by computers, robots and radios as there will be no human NPCs. From what has been shown so far it appears as if the game will feature systems similar to games like Destiny and The Division with random events and encounters distributed server side for you and other players to interact with. The game also features the ability to nuke other players with ICBMs, with you unlocking the ability to do so via the main quest. Apart from being able to McNuke your enemies the nukes are also useful for creating high end zones rich with treasures to explore on the map. Not much more was shown of the game but as the launch of the game draws nearer it is likely that we will be hearing a lot more, especially as the developers intend to have pre-release beta testing period (although for pre-orders only it appears) and have already started to answer some frequently asked questions on their social media platforms.

This game caught my eye because it is another Fallout game. With Fallout being one of my favourite video game franchises I was completely caught off guard when Bethesda originally announced the game prior to E3 as I assumed it was going to be another single player game based on Fallout 4’s assets and engine, similar to Fallout: New Vegas to Fallout 3. With the announcement of the game being a multiplayer game however I was disappointed, assuming that the game would be another MMO. But this is not the case, the game is an always-online multiplayer game that uses the Bethesda Game Studios formula but with other players. The developers have confirmed that private servers and modding will be made available post-launch, similar to the release schedule of the modding tools for previous Bethesda Game Studios games.

Fallout 76 releases on the 14th of November 2018.

DOOM EternalShown at the Bethesda conference.

A sequel to 2016’s DOOM reboot was revealed as being in development but no gameplay was shown. All that was shown was a cinematic trailer that confirms Hell on Earth is the setting for this game.

The developers have stated that the game will be more DOOM, with more guns and more demons. If the game lives up to the promise of being more DOOM then I am more than happy with that because DOOM was an amazing video game.

This game caught my eye because MORE DOOM HELL YEAH!

The Elder Scrolls: BladesShown at the Bethesda conference.

A mobile game set in the Elder Scrolls franchise after the end of the great war between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion. You play as a Blades agent in exile with the objective of rebuilding a town that was destroyed in the war.

The game is a both a dungeon crawler and a town management game that will be releasing for everything from mobile to console to PC.

This game caught my eye because I am always interested in more Elder Scrolls games. Some of my favourite games in the franchise have been spin-offs and this game not being a sequel to Skyrim is fine with me. I might finally have a mobile game that interests me.

StarfieldShown at the Bethesda conference.

The game that everyone knew was in development but we haven’t heard anything about officially was finally announced. Nothing more than a short clip of what appears to be a satellite and the game’s logo was shown. There is no information about this game available, it was shown only as a confirmation that Bethesda Game Studios are still making singleplayer games. Likely to reassure the crowd that Fallout 76 is definitely a  spin-off and not a new direction for the company.

This game caught my eye because it’s the first new and original IP for Bethesda Game Studios in 20 years as well as being confirmed to be a new BGS singleplayer game. I doubt we will be hearing much about this game until the next E3.

The Elder Scrolls VIShown at the Bethesda conference.

A new Elder Scrolls game, not another Skyrim port. Similar to Starfield no information about the game was given other than what could be seen in the teaser clip which appears to show Hammerfell and the Illiac Bay. This is just an announcement that another Elder Scrolls game is in development and it has been confirmed to be the game that will be coming after Starfield so it potentially could be a long time before we see it.

This game caught my eye because it’s a new Elder Scrolls game.

These are the games that caught my eye this year and although some of them didn’t actually have any gameplay to show (which is very annoying) I still feel excited to learn more about these games. Some of them are releasing this year with others releasing at unspecified times in the future. These were the games that interested me the most.

Considering E3 is nothing more than a 4 day advertising show, I am pleasantly surprised with the games that were shown and the details given.

I look forward to playing the above games and sharing my thoughts on them.

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