Code of Ethics

Being ethical should be expected of every person on the internet that creates review and opinion content. I believe that this also applies to small sites like mine, so here is my code of ethics.

The purpose of this website is to:

  • Publish my content on the internet to share with the world.
  • Share my thoughts on the games industry.
  • Share my opinions of video games.
  • Promote pro-consumer practices in gaming.
  • Promote discussion.

I will disclose in articles any possible conflicts of interest that may arise as well as spoiler warnings. Below I have listed situations myself and others believe may create a conflict of interest and how I plan on disclosing them in the most ethical ways possible.


I currently do not run advertisements on this site and I do not plan to at this time, in the event that I choose to run advertisements I will disclose the nature of the advertising agreement(s) and will make sure that no conflicts of interests shall arise from the use of the advertising service.

Affiliate Links:

There are currently no affiliate links being used on pages on this site, if one is used it will be disclosed clearly and accurately.

Crowd Funding:

Crowd funding can vary from backing a product to funding an individual, depending on what has been pledged and what the backer receives in return can change the context of crowd funding in each circumstance. I will disclose below crowd funding campaigns that I support or that I have funded along with an explanation of why I provided funds, what I got in return and whether I feel if it will influence my commentary.

I will give additional descriptions to crowd funded projects that have a physical product to disclose any issues I had that may influence my opinion of the products received.

Board Games:

  • Conan
    I love the Conan setting and thought that a miniatures game set in the world of Conan would be awesome. I consider this to be a pre-order. This Kickstarter was a bumpy ride from start til finish and the end result is what was promised although there are some issues that he creators have promised to sort out. I will not be reviewing this title due to the number of issues during the Kickstarter as I believe it will unfairly influence my thoughts on the game.
  • Dark Souls – The Board Game
    Dark Souls is one of my favourite video games and as a fan of board games too I decided to back this project. I consider this to be a pre-order. I may review this title once it has been delivered.
  • Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game – 2nd Edition
    I decided to back this game after a friend informed me of it’s existence whilst discussing Warhammer and other miniatures games. I consider this to be a pre-order. The Kickstarter for this game was concluded and everything went smoothly for the most part except for a few delays and having to wait on two waves of shipments. I will not be reviewing this game any time soon as I have not had the chance to start assembling and painting the miniatures I ordered.
  • Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach Card Game
    I backed this title on name alone as a fan of Pillars of Eternity and boxed card games. I consider this to be a pre-order. The Kickstarter for this game went well and I received the game within a reasonable amount of time. I may review this title in the future if I can convince some of my friends to play it.
  • Warpath – The Sci-fi Battle Game
    Another miniatures game from Mantic. The Kickstarter for this title was handled more or less in the same way as the Kings of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter. I consider this to be a pre-order. I will not be reviewing this game at this current time as I am still waiting on my second wave items to be delivered. Depending on the service given by Mantic in the process of delivering the remainder of my pledge I may or may not review the title at all.

Video Games:

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2
    I backed this game after playing and enjoying the first. I purchased a digital copy of the game. I consider this to be a pre-order.
  • Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
    I backed this game as a fan of Obsidian’s RPGs and the first game of the series. I backed this game at the “Premium Digital” tier. I consider this to be a pre-order.

Paid Promotion:

Never, ever. I will never accept cash in exchange for positive criticism of a product.

Review Copies:

This website does not draw in enough traffic for a game developer or publisher to be interested in providing me a free copy of the game for the purpose of review, however if this ever changes I will update this page.


I do not have a sponsor at this time and I refuse to accept a sponsorship that would conflict with editorial integrity. Basically I wont accept sponsorships from game developers or publishers but stores such as GOG would be acceptable on the condition that I do not review a game developed by their sister company CD Projekt Red.

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