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Why I review and future content.

16th March 2016 Mojomancer 2

This is the first blog post on this site, with this article I will share an abridged history of my reviews and other content, why I like to create this content and some of my future plans for the website and changes to the way I write, the format of content and why I am making these changes. This is a very long post so you may wish to take notes. I have split the post up into three sections, this may make it a bit easier to keep track of where you are.

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Let’s Fix Steam: The Library

2nd February 2016 Mojomancer 8

The Steam Client is a mess; a mess that gets progressively worse the more games you own on Steam. These articles aim to show the current issues the Steam Client suffers from and ways to potentially fix these problems. This post will focus on the Steam Library.

Let’s Talk About Key Resellers

11th November 2014 Mojomancer 4

This is a new series of articles that I will be occasionally writing. Lets Talk About is currently a working title.

For ethical reasons I will not list any unauthorized resellers in this article.

Many gamers whether they are hardcore or casual will know what Steam is. Steam is the magical oasis of cheap games twice a year and occasionally every few weekends. Steam will be a subject of one of these posts in the future so I will end discussion of it at that.

Not all gamers know what a Steam key is so I will describe it for you now. A Steam key or more accurately a CD key is a relic of what PC gaming DRM was. In the past few years CD keys have adapted into a way for developers and publishers to sell a game license to a customer that can be redeemed in a download client such as Steam or Origin. They are usually a 16 – 24 digit string of alphanumerical characters.

Watch_Dogs Review

25th July 2014 Mojomancer 8

Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft Platform: PC (Reviewed), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One Release Date: 27th May 2014 Note: This review […]