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Blog content and site updates.

March Update 4

Site Update for March 2017

With this post, I plan to explain the changes made recently, why they were made and potential changes in the future.

Site Update November 6

Site Update for November 2016

There have been a lot of changes to the site recently, this post is intended to explain why some changes have been made and I will be giving an update on the progress of some reviews and other content that is planned.


Site Update for September 2016

It has been a while since I gave an update as to what has been going on so I decided to write this post to try and clear some things up. I will explain what is taking so long with some reviews that should have been done months ago, changes to the site and some format changes to posts.

Game art 2

Why I review and future content.

This is the first blog post on this site, with this article I will share an abridged history of my reviews and other content, why I like to create this content and some of my future plans for the website and changes to the way I write, the format of content and why I am making these changes. This is a very long post so you may wish to take notes. I have split the post up into three sections, this may make it a bit easier to keep track of where you are.